Treating the Whole Person Body, Mind and Spirit

Two Complimentary Styles of Acupuncture






Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is a comprehensive, and compassionate form of care that addresses the whole person. Symptoms such as pain, stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety are the body’s way of calling out for help. A Five-Element Acupuncture diagnosis identifies and treats the root of these distress signals. The overall effect is a restoration of balance, offering a more permanent solution to chronic problems. Acupuncture used preventively, can help maintain good health and deter injury. 

Wellness cannot simply be defined as the absence of illness, if an individual is not thriving. Classical Five-Element Acupuncture can help enhance one's sense of well-being and improve quality of life. Clients often report increased vitality, superior energy, stabilized moods, improved sleep and clarity of mind. Classical Five-Element is unique among acupuncture styles in that it treats the whole person by addressing imbalances on all levels - body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive system of medicine is based on an understanding of natural law, as determined by thousands of years of observation and refinement. Acupuncture remains so effective in the modern world due to the practitioner's ability to harness the power of nature to heal.




Live Pain Free!


The use of acupuncture in the treatment of sports injuries and pain is not a modern phenomena. In fact, the origins of Chinese medicine coincided with the development of martial arts thousands of years ago. Having the ability to heal was part of the moral code of the Chinese warrior. Modern orthopedic acupuncture builds upon this application by incorporating western medical principles and assessment. 

During treatment orthopedic and manual muscle testing is used to access the exact location of pain, muscle imbalance or joint dysfunction. Using a unique selection of points, this style of acupuncture can “reset” and strengthen muscles rendered dysfunctional or weak due to repetitive stress, injury or postural inefficiency. Compromised joint spaces and sprained or partially torn ligaments are also addressed by using precise local needling. The needles create micro-stimulation reorganizing tissue and encouraging blood flow in the compromised structure to encourage healing. Due to the careful selection of anatomically significant points, treatments are non-invasive and highly affective.


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