"Over the last 6 months I’ve had two acute injuries and one chronic injury that Beck has treated with amazing success, reducing recovering time, well-being and enabling me to get back on the bike and race hard. We’ve since started working on more performance oriented treatments which is helping my racing, as I’ve notched multiple personal records and numerous podiums" -JW

"I had continual lower back, knee and neck issues. Within the same or next day I experienced a relief in my normal pain which continues until my next life stressor seems to set something off. I have been grateful to try this almost meditative, non RX strategy, and am so glad I've located someone who is so intuitive, humble, and very experienced in her chosen field" -AS

“I have recommended Beck & Peak Acupuncture to many friends & associates over the past several years. After trying all forms of alternative care for osteoarthritis and surgical recovery, I have found acupuncture to be the most helpful of them all. I appreciate Beck's informed, concerned & compassionate care.” -MT

“Years of hip pain exacerbated by being pregnant brought me to acupuncture with Beck.  I found a compassionate listener and practitioner in her. She helped ease my hip pain, prepare me for natural childbirth, aid in recovering from childbirth and was key in my rehabilitation from surgery.  Her approach to helping patients is multi-faceted, caring, comprehensive and holistic. Beck provides a safe and healing space where one can simply be and experience a more balanced and deeper state of wellness.” - LB

“I came to acupuncture out of frustration with my chronic back pain.  Beck is a true and caring practitioner who takes the time to find the root of your issues and ailments. Through my treatments with Beck, I feel that I have greater balance and I'm better prepared to face both the physical and mental stressors tossed at me on a daily basis. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”  - EB

"I've been seeing Beck for a number of years now and can honestly say she has had a positive impact on my health and well-being. She is focused, genuine, gentle, truly cares, and is a talented and intuitive healer.  Beck’s Five-Element Acupuncture technique is different from other types of acupuncture I have tried and I feel like it works better for me. I always leave her office feeling better physically, emotionally, and mentally. I highly recommend seeing her for a specific issue or simply for over all wellness."  - DA

I went to Beck while going through infertility treatments because I'd read extensive research on the benefits of acupuncture for infertility. I definitely didn't expect to notice major improvements in my mind and body--but that's exactly what happened.  Amazing! I appreciated Beck's personal, caring, and holistic approach. She goes above and beyond during each session in giving a tailored  treatment, as well supplemental actions to take in conjunction with the acupuncture (nutrition, life balance, etc.).” - AR

“Beck, best run and workout of the summer! Thanks for the magic touch” - GP

“I had severe leg pain due to spondylolisthesis in my back.  I eventually required surgery.  However, acupuncture with Beck relieved my pain more than any other treatment including therapy, medications, and injections” - JG  

“I have had a "knot" in my shoulder and neck for years.  After only a few treatments, the muscle has relaxed and I don't have the discomfort I had before” - CD

"Beck Shatles made me a believer in acupuncture, something I tried on a whim. She is genuine, knowledgeable, and effective. I would go to her for any issue, physical or mental--acupuncture is useful for so many things. Give it a try, and find out for yourself--I think you will be surprised!" -DC

“I am a 55 year old male. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 17 years ago. I started going to acupuncture therapy because my back was bothering me. The biggest benefit that I have noticed is with the regulation of my Parkinson’s medication allowing for a more stable lifestyle.. I don't experience the roller-coaster ups and downs that used to make life difficult.” - MC

“I was thrilled to find myself pregnant through a combination of acupuncture and IUI. Beck approached the emotional and physical process of getting pregnant with kindness and calm. She was compassionate, knowledgable and willing to work with my allopathic physician to make my dreams of a healthy baby come true. I delivered a full term beautiful baby girl after a very enjoyable pregnancy. Peak Acupuncture helped make my family's journey a positive one.”  - AB

"I have been working with Becca now for over a year and a half. I am 45 years old and am very active. I play competitive racquetball and coach several high school sports. Over the years I have had several long lasting aches and pains. Becca has been able to evaluate and treat all my various symptoms with great results eliminating the day to day pain. Becca's facility and personality are great and I look forward to my monthly session!" - TB 

"I've been in treatment for several months with Beck and it has been very beneficial for me! Initially I started going to work on some emotional concerns, but shortly thereafter she began to additionally treat me for an auto accident injury. I found that she was able to ask pertinent questions and understand what the best treatment would be for me that day. The treatments provided relief physically and helped clear some emotional blocks that I had. I've felt several shifts in my life over the past several months. Thank you Beck for your genuine caring and very competent care! As an educator and a yoga teacher, acupuncture has proven to be a treatment modality that has positively influenced my state of being." -KF

"Beck is fantastic! I had a terrible case of planters fasciitis that I had tried every treatment short of surgery. Within a couple of treatments by Beck, I no longer experienced the crippling pain when I woke up or after long hours of being on my feet. My monthly visits help keep my body balanced. I'm so grateful that I found her practice." -TF


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